Selected Links

Note – I’ll check these periodically for link rot (links no longer work), and will delete them if I discover they no longer work.


Good history of climate.

Very cogent arguments against man-made warming.

Good source for arguments on both sides, but this site is pro man-made warming.

The forecast, in calendar form, allows you to compare the actual highs and lows against average. Go to ‘forecast’, then select ‘monthly’, type in the city and go. I like looking at International Falls, Minnesota, and Alaskan sites (Fairbanks, Kotzebue, Barrows, etc.).

Also, you can find Joe Bastardi videos here. They are priceless.



Ned Wright, a professor at UCLA, is an educator has published a great deal of information.

Here find Ned Wright’s cosmology tutorial.

NASA’s tutorial site on cosmology.



Massachusett Institute of Technology’s Annotated Encylopedia of Physics. Excellent.

Eric Weisstein’s World of Physics.


Politics (Oh, where to begin?)

Health care.

The federal budget. National debt.

The American Heritage Foundation.

I like to see proposed solutions to our problems.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.



Here’s a site, hard to read but you get the idea fairly soon.

This is actually a book by Prof. Herbert Dingle, the most prominent anti-relativity theorist of the past.

I just discovered this guy’s blog recently. He presents the Dingle book. He’s a kindred soul, I suspect, but I’m not sure about his social values.

Not always in English. Deep.

This is an awesome work, a draft treatise of great depth. I’ve followed it for about 2 years now (as of 2011), reading new chapters as they appeared. If and when chapters 36 through 39 are finished, it will in my opinion arguably refute Special Relativity.

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