When we lose Washington . . .

We could lose the capitol of the United States in an instant. It’s a horrible thought, unthinkable before atomic bombs were invented. We share the world with those who are unwilling to share it with us. To them, we are the Great Satan, and killing infidels earns a bonus in Heaven. I don’t believe they realize what a disaster that could be to the world.

I’m talking about a bomb, smuggled into the country, then sneaked into Washington and detonated. We might never know who was behind it.

There are at least two scenarios:

  • A “dirty” bomb would make the city unusable but doesn’t kill a lot of government people. Government offices could suffer enormous disruption, however.
  • An atomic explosion, which could wipe out a million or more people, most government employees, and possibly the entire Executive Branch, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the main offices of most federal departments, perhaps even the Pentagon. That is by far the worst event that could happen, not only for the United States, but for the entire world. The collateral damage for such an event might cost millions of American lives outside of Washington. In the rest of the world, economies might fail and cost many more lives. Muslim countries would not be immune, since the world is interconnected.

    What should be done before this happens?

  • Recognize the danger. Prepare a plan to automatically form an alternate government based on the military and whoever might survive within the constitutional government.
  • Consider decentralizing the government. Move headquarters for federal departments out of Washington. Move Congress out of Washington. Keep the Vice President and the President many miles apart at all times.
  • Prepare a plan for retaliation, similar to a doomsday action. My idea is to destroy all large Islamic cities, especially Tehran, as well as the capitols and large cities of North Korea and China. In other words, bomb them back to the stone age. This, of course would be equally as horrible as any of them destroying Washington. The existence of the plan should be known beforehand, and hopefully function as a deterrent. The reason I favor a shotgun approach is that we might never know who was behind the bomb.
  • Step up security at all seaports.
  • Keep fighting Muslim extremism. Stamp it out.
  • Pray it never happens.
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4 Responses to When we lose Washington . . .

  1. Cal Williams says:

    Why not send it to Washington? They have the capacity to listen to sane ideas.. . . Sometines.

  2. Frenchie says:

    I agree with your idea of threatening the islamists with the destruction of what they hold dear. Since they live in the 13 century philisophically, Force is about the only thing they will comprehend.

  3. littleB2bigB says:

    Decentralizing the government, excellent idea. Look at the World Trade Center, too many import offices and too many people in one central location, that was an easy pick for them. Whoever “they” are, as you stated, we might never know who’s behind an attack. “Bomb them back to the stone age” an even better idea, as most of them exist in stone age thinking.

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