The Wisconsin Democrat senators

My take on the matter:

By running away, the Wisconsin Democrat senators are serving their big donors — the public employee unions — rather than the people, who want fiscal responsibility, an end to runaway spending. Unions were necessary when corporations exploited the workers, perhaps a hundred years ago.  They aren’t needed in an environment where merit applies, because employers must compete for the best workers, hence their decline to the present day.    Unions employ coercive tactics to extort ever higher wages and benefits from their employers, but the members give up their personal advancement in return for union protection; consequently mediocre talent or performance is the norm among union members.  There’s no incentive to excel or do good work.

Democratic politicians play along with the unions in order to obtain their votes. The public employee union and Democrat partnership is a form of corrupted behavior.  Government should be indifferent to party.   By passing the proposed legislation, Wisconsin will be able to implement efficiencies that can help reduce the surplus.  Eventually, they will have happier, more dedicated, and perhaps fewer workers.  Their employees will be less likely to favor one side or the other.

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