Will Donald Trump run?

It looks as if he will. Is he likely to be the Republican nominee? There are things in his favor. The main thing is his projection of competence, a rare quality in the past few presidents. I think the American electorate is starved for it. He comes across as something of a jerk, but he’s a damned smart jerk. I’ve listened to him talk about issues, and I can’t find much to disagree with. He’s very informed in financial matters, understands the balance of trade problem and knows what to do about China (which will shock some people, when they find out what he intends.) He understands the deficit and debt problem as well, probably better than any other politician except Gingrich.
He’s tough and very thick-skinned. He doesn’t dance around issues.
I’m not certain how he will do in set speeches, but he can probably use a teleprompter, and he has no lack of self-confidence. Here’s his take on himself: Egotistical?
I also imagine he will do quite well in debates. He’s not an intellectual, but he’s very practical.
He can point to a long record of success in many areas.
His weaknesses? He probably won’t be trusted in the social issues, though I imagine his views will be acceptable to conservatives, once he reveals them.
The anti-capitalist left will attack him because he’s rich and comes from business. The old and tired “tax the rich more” theme will be used against him constantly, and he’ll be portrayed as the wolf being put in charge of the sheep.
President Trump. It’s something to think about.

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