Newt’s take on Libya . . .

On the Greta Van Susteren show of 3/24/2011, Newt Gingrich said, and I paraphrase:

  • President Obama has essentially committed us to taking Gadaffi out.  Anything less will be perceived as failure.
  • The United States doesn’t have the resources to take on every situation in every country.  We really should have stayed out.
  • It’s almost meaningless to “turn over” leadership of the action to NATO.  We project most of the force employed there.
  • Obama doesn’t want America perceived to be in charge, fearing Arab World reaction.
  • The drug cartel in Mexico is a far greater threat (Newt said 1000 times) to America than Libya is.  We should be deploying resources there.
  • Obama has said the Pentagon has to pay for the action in Libya.  He won’t ask Congress to appropriate it.  The military doesn’t have the budget.

I have to admit I agree with all of that, and wish I had figured it out for myself.

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One Response to Newt’s take on Libya . . .

  1. quiet man says:

    Today there is a revelation that al qaida fighters are in with the so called rebels.

    this is where you hope nobody wins..Qaddafi or the rebels. Maybe if we go in on Gaddafi’s side for a while and beat both sides back down to the 10th century in technology…

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