Why the economy is doomed.

Let’s say you have a friend Sam, who has been gaining weight for many years.   You are a physician, and run a weight loss program on the side.  Everything you’ve tried has failed – now, his weight is dangerous to his health.  What to do?

You hand him a scalpel and say, “You must reduce!”

Sam looks at you stupidly.  Holding the scalpel, he looks down at himself.  “I can’t,” he says.   “You must,” you say.  “Every part of me is too important to cut off,” he says.

That is roughly the situation with the President and Senate vs the House.  Democrats can’t bear to cut any part of the budget, except defense.  Republicans say entitlements must be reduced, and unnecessary spending must be cut in all areas.  Democrats don’t see anything as unnecessary.  They claim they need to spend more, invest more in this or that, and just need to raise taxes on the rich to pay for it.    Or, they don’t mind borrowing more from China to keep their budget growing.  They demonize any plan to reduce spending. 

Democrats (a.k.a. LIberals) are all about spending.  Over the many years in which they’ve controlled legislation, they’ve converted the government into a big machine that removes income from some and gives it to others – accomplishing all sorts of social engineering in the process (Such as: government investing in abortions, paying single mothers to have more babies, subsidizing such things as solar energy, wind energy, and ethanol, the purchase of homes and electric cars.)   Redistribution of wealth, which buys votes for them and keeps them in power, is their entire scheme of governance.

To cut spending is unthinkable for Democrats.  They don’t even understand the reasoning behind it. 

No Liberal, from President Obama on down, has the slightest understanding of economics, or of fiscal responsibility.  They couldn’t pass an Econ 101 exam designed for 5th graders.  They think you can always raise taxes (on the rich) without hurting the economy.  The may have a point – see my “Tax the Rich 250%”. 

President Obama’s idea of leadership is to set up a committee, headed up by Joe Biden (notoriously simple dipstick) to come up with recommendations to reduce the deficit.  (He did the same last year.  Alan Simpson’s committee returned their recommendations in December, and Obama totally ignored them.)   Biden is said to be able to count to 20, provided his toes are exposed, but seems unable to handle anything more intellectually challenging.  His committee is merely a delaying tactic.

But, the debt and deficit problems of our government have reached a critical point.  It’s obvious that the President and Senate must do something.  They claim to have plans, all of which amount to “kick the can down the road” again.  They can’t bear to use the scalpel.  But, they must.

See them squirm. 

In the end,  they won’t do anything, although they will say they’ve solved all the problems.  House Republicans can’t do anything without cooperation of the Senate and Presidency.  The American economy will collapse, as it did for the same reasons in Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.  Our economy is terribly sick now.  

If there is anything you can count on with Liberals, it’s consistency.  They consistently tax and spend, and to hell with the consequences, which they don’t even admit are coming.

Hide and watch it all play out.  Our economy is doomed.



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