Internet danger?

With mankind’s normal tendencies, an absolute democracy might be a hell on earth for minorities – simply because the majority would vote goodies for themselves, and the minority would pay for them.  It would be a form of tyranny.  The Internet makes an absolute democracy feasible, in theory.  A new law could be posted up, everyone with an internet connection could vote, and the President (if you still have one) could sign the law within a couple of days.  You wouldn’t need a Congress.  But, it’s probably a bad idea.  Like Congress, the general public isn’t very smart, in fact, the public might even be more stupid, if that’s possible.  Unintended consequences would pop up all over the place.  We, the public, would wreck our country in no time, even without Obama’s help.

Internet democracy of a different kind is moving forward in several ways right now, and the results are sometimes good but potentially horribleGood?  The Tea Party movement was enhanced and re-enforced by internet.  One of their principal websites is  www.teaparty.orgNot so good? The Occupy Wall Street movement (and all the other locations they occupied) was begun by a radical Canadian magazine which set up  Now, the various Occupy movements come together at, promising even more disruption and chaos.  Of course, what’s good and what’s not good depend on your point of view, but if you think Occupy is good, you might want to seek psychiatric help.

More of not so good?  The Left is planning to disrupt the Republican National Convention in Tampa:  Congress has already allocated 50 million dollars for security in Tampa.  That might not be enough.

Horrible?  Potentially, there could be a 3rd party movement being set up – on a website – which could help re-elect Obama.  Americans Elect 2012 at  is reported by Senator Joe Lieberman to be trying to get on the ballots of all 50 states.  Their intention is to bypass the two main political parties and choose their own candidates. 

On this website, “delegates” – i.e., those who join the movement – can list issues and suggest solutions, which will be voted on to create a platform.  They will eventually vote to nominate candidates, in effect holding a primary of their own, then put them on the state ballots.  Potentially horrible is that while they aren’t likely to elect their own candidate as president, they could take enough votes from Republican votes to re-elect Obama.  Of course, they might take more from Obama.  No one can be sure at this point.

Watch out for the internet.  It has already produced disturbing innovations, and more may be on the way.





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