Compare their websites

The 3 remaining candidates (discounting Paul, who has said he doesn’t expect to win).  In order to know what they want to do as president, it’s instructive to compare their campaign websites:

The content of each site can change, but here are my current impressions:

Santorum: the first thing I saw was his donate page, asking for money.  Running down the right side is a menu containing his bio “Why Rick”, his op-ed pieces on his plans and policies “Where I Stand”, and A page of video clips, “Rick TV”.  If you come back to his home page the donation form is gone.  His “Where I Stand” page is a list of issues, each with a short paragraph and a click to “more” which brings up the full article.  This is a good and detailed explanation of his plans and policies.  It is impressive and well done.

Romney:  Again, his donation form came up first.  His menu is across the top: bio, issues, states, news . . . etc.  On his Issues page, he lists 3 issues: jobs, health care, and foreign policy.  When you click on jobs, you get a huge pdf file with more than a hundred pages, with very small print, very detailed but appearing to be written by someone other than Mitt.  It contains phrases like “ he will . . .”.   The health care page, on the other hand, is very short and totally lacking of detail. The foreign policy page is a link to another pdf white paper of about 40 pages, again written by someone else and in the 3rd person.  I would much prefer to see him write his own issues material. 

Gingrich: His home page features a picture rotation.  His issues page is called “solutions”.  His items in “solutions” are similar in layout to Santorum’s, a list of issues each with a short paragraph and a click to “more”.  However, he also has a link to his “21st Century Contract with America”, which brings up long and detailed articles. There is a great deal of detail on what he intends to do. 

I see Gingrich’s site as best and the most detailed.  Santorum’s site is also instructive as to what he wants to do.  Romney’s “issues” page is very sparse.  It’s as though he needs something there as a place holder.  If the devil is in the details, vote for Gingrich and Santorum before Romney.  You’ll have a better idea of what you’ll get.



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