Newt’s fatal flaw

Note — revised 2/8/2012 after initial publication — D’Amato doesn’t particularly like Newt, according to various sources.

This morning, February 8, Former New York Senator Al D’Amato appeared on Fox News.  He explained the trap that his opposition can spring on Newt at any time.  Note that Al is a Republican and apparently isn’t too fond of Newt for some reason.  I don’t believe any Republican will do so, but if Newt becomes the Republican candidate, I’m certain that the Obama campaign wouldn’t hesitate.  The only question is the date they would spring it.  I think it would likely be the last day of October.

All they have to do is dig up 2 or 3 public officials, honest or otherwise, who will swear that Newt made contact, and tried to influence some favor for Freddy Mac while he was contracted with Freddy Mac.  Many would believe the accusation, because it’s already a sensitive subject for Newt, and Democrats have no trouble lying.  Since Newt was not registered as a lobbyist, that would constitute a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $200,000.  Here’s the relevant information: Unregistered lobbyist.

Remember that in the eyes of the public, once accused, you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent.  While Newt, if innocent, would likely be acquitted in a court of law, the accusation would be crushing.  I seriously doubt that Newt could win.  It breaks my heart to say so, because I absolutely believe he would have been the president we need: a conservative reformer who would make fundamental changes in all the important areas.  In my view, Santorum, though young, is the next most likely to do so.  I believe Romney is too ready to compromise. 

Politics is a dirty business, and just barely beats out the alternative, which is deciding who will be the next leader through bloodshed.

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