Fed up with Islam

I’m totally fed up with Islam, and I doubt I’m the only one who is.  They take “Holier than Thou” to a whole new level.  They have no tolerance whatever for anyone who doesn’t believe their 6th century dogma.  They hate “unbelievers” and think it’s OK to kill or mistreat them. In some Islamic countries, It’s a felony punishable by death to convert away from Islam.  The Q’uran burning riots in Afghanistan, and the senseless killings of six American soldiers are just the latest in a long series of outrageous acts by radical Islamists.  We have apologized, but their murders deserve far more apology, and they haven’t apologized.

I’m tired of all the political correctness we’ve been constrained to observe.  My baser instincts say we should bomb radical Islamists back to the stone age, if not out of existence.  I know, there are good Muslims, many right here in the United States.  We get along well with many Muslim countries, but in some cases they teach their children anti-Americanism in their schools.  Radicals exist among their populations.  We have to be careful with all Muslims. 

Their websites are converting some of our own people here to radicalism.  It’s a frightening thing when Americans take up their beliefs.  We could have bombings and terrorism here.  The Islamists are like Communists: they want to take over the entire world, and no action is too horrible for them to employ.

Radical Islamists don’t fight fair. They employ bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, and ambushes. We, on the other hand, are “civilized.” We don’t shoot them on the spot, as we probably should, but instead we bring them to Club Gitmo, where we’ve just finished a soccer field for them to play on. It cost the American taxpayers $750,000.00. We allow them Q’urans, allow them to pray, and try to treat them with respect.  They must laugh at us a great deal.  I’d give them a ping-pong table, at most.

In Afghanistan alone, we’ve been fighting the second longest war in our history.  We’ve been there since November 2001, just two months after 9-11.  We’ve been protecting them from the Taliban, effectively fighting on one side of a civil war, for more than ten years now, and have lost nearly 2000 American lives, as well as many lives from other UN forces.  Are the Afghans grateful?  A percentage of them possibly are.  But many are not.  We’re trying to train them to protect themselves, but a few of the very people we tried to train turned on us and murdered our men.

It’s hard to see why we should stay there.  It’s hard to see what American interests are served. Obama wants us out, except for a token force, this summer, conveniently just before the presidential election, and before winter ends the “fighting season.”  Reluctantly, I’m beginning to think, pull out completely, now.

If I were in charge, I think I would isolate several Muslim countries completely.  Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are examples.  I’d put several others on probation, including Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq.  The probationary countries would have to shape up or be isolated.  For the isolated countries, I’d stop all commerce with the United States.  Some of these things are already in effect, but here’s what I’d do: pull our embassy; stop all nationals from the country from visiting America (including their representatives to the United Nations); cancel visas for their nationals already in America and deport them; confiscate all their financial assets in this country; forbid all trade with them; stop all air, sea, telephone and internet service (if stopping internet is technically possible) between our country and the isolated countries; place stiff sanctions on any other country that trades with them; forbid American citizens to travel to them; and finally, add their major cities to the target list for our missiles in case they attack us in any way.

Islam is fortunate I’m not in charge, and that our President was educated as a Muslim and has a soft spot in his heart for them.  A big soft spot.



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