Blessed are the meek . . .

(As printed in the Leavenworth Times, May 4, 2012.)

One of the best known of the eight Beatitudes (verses beginning with “Blessed are the . . .”) in Mathew is “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”  This is an oft-quoted verse.  J. Paul Getty is said to have added,  “. . . but not the mineral rights.” 

Remember, Mathew’s original writings were in Hebrew, then translated to Greek by some unknown person, then into Latin.  Although there were earlier partial versions of the Bible in older forms of English, William Tyndale is credited with the first translation of the New Testament into early modern English (first printed in 1525), and he is said to have worked directly from original Greek and Hebrew versions.  I don’t know who chose the word “meek” as a translation of the original Hebrew word.  “Meek” has multiple meanings: now it can mean humble, compliant, docile, or without spirit.  In Tyndale’s time, it  seems to have meant unaggressive or unwarlike.

I’m wondering about the meaning of the corresponding word in the original Hebrew.  Perhaps it was improperly translated.  I suspect it meant “stupid”, and that those folks may have ALREADY inherited the earth.

In my belief system, stupid are those who don’t see our massive national debt or huge deficits as threats to America’s future, who won’t consider reforming entitlements, who won’t address our nation’s energy problems, who keep piling on regulations that hamper our economy, and who keep attacking the opposing party when they try to solve these problems. 

Why do I think they may have already inherited the earth?  Because they currently control our government and have already fostered the growth of dependence on government largesse, to the point where no conservative may ever win another national election.  Their clones control many European countries, where Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal among others are in deep trouble because they have ignored fiscal responsibility too long, and too many people have come to depend on big government – collecting money without working.

Stupid are those who think the government can keep on borrowing and printing money forever, so they will always have the entitlements they depend on.  Prices are ever-increasing, but they don’t see that government policies are the cause. They are the ones who think no reforms of entitlements should be attempted.  They deride the Ryan plan, and call it “destructive” or “radical”.  They think Obama is doing a good job as president, and should be re-elected.

Have the stupid already inherited the earth?  The jury is out.  I believe we’ll find out in November.


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