Problems ignored by the Left

Maybe I’m weird, but I see the following as problems.  Obama, Reid, and Pelosi apparently do not.  It’s only a partial list:

The economy (unemployment, stagnation, rising prices).  They talk about creating jobs, but never actually do anything.  Republicans would eliminate regulations, release energy barriers, and cut taxes.

High taxes for those who pay them.  (Left keeps harping on TAX THE RICH)

About half the people pay no taxes at all (mostly Democrat voters)

The federal deficit and the debt.  It’s only money.  That’s why the Democrats have killed the budgeting process – they don’t want spending cuts in any form, and they don’t want to have to vote on anything, so they just go with continuing resolutions.  Obama always wants the debt ceiling raised.  Ever upward.

Closing the border, and enforcing immigration laws already on the books aren’t in the Left’s playbook.  Now, we have all these children and teenagers coming in without parents.  But we can’t just turn them around – we have to find their nearest relatives in the US.  Poor little lost souls.

The United States Constitution is now a list of suggestions.  After all, Our beloved President taught the Constitution.  Who better to choose which articles to obey, and which ones to ignore?

Religious persecution – of Christians — is OK, but never say or imply anything bad about a Muslim.  It’s politically incorrect.

Iran.  Just let them go ahead and build their little toy atomic bombs.  Should I (Obama the Wise) do anything? 

Iraq – we didn’t really need to leave a small force behind, so I (Obama the All-ignoring) rejected all the general’s recommendations and pulled the troops.  So what if Iraq is now being taken over by an offshoot of Al Qaeda?

The Ukraine – what, irritate Russia?  It’s far better to let them do their thing.  What if a few million people lose their freedom, if not their lives? 

The War on Terror What war on terror?  Close Gitmo, they say, and prosecute them in Federal Courts.  Turn them loose. 

Energy independence.  Let’s make coal super-expensive to use, Let’s stop the Keystone Pipeline.  Oh, Canada has approved the pipeline that runs west to the Pacific, so that China will get all their oil?  No problem.  

Scandals (Such as: IRS targeting of conservatives, getting our people in Benghazi killed, VA problems, Wild spending by government agencies)?  Oh, just something the Republicans made up.  Not really problems.  Besides, our Golfer-in-Chief made a speech about each of these.  He was really mad.  Really.


Maybe it’s just me, (and, according to polls, more than 50% of the population of the United States) but I don’t think the current administration is doing a good job.  They’re ignoring the problems.  They don’t even see them as problems. 


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