A skeptical geezer’s weblog:

Call me Bill. I’m the author of this website. I’m no genius, and I’m no politician. I’m just expressing my opinions here.

My background is in mathematics, computer applications for business, computer programming, and economics. I’ve worked within a lot of businesses, large and small. I still believe in capitalism.

Why do I have a blog? I’m not quite certain about this one. It seems to satisfy some urge to get my opinions recorded. It’s fun for me to write and polish these essays. Will anyone else ever read them? Will anyone be influenced? I have no idea.

If you’re curious about “asmwizard” — you have to supply a name, and I wanted “asmwiz”, but it was already taken. It’s actually an inside joke, by me, on me. During my late, lamented career, I was good enough at IBM 360 Assembler Language that I almost never had to look at the manual, (except when setting up a divide instruction, perhaps.) But, the 360 has long since passed into history. So, the assembler wizard skill is as obsolete as the knowhow to build Conestoga wagons. I’m an expert on obsolete systems. A synonym for that is “useless.”

Rules of the website . As the author, I get to set the rules. Anyone is free to visit this site.

I urge you, if you post to this board, to respect the others who posted before you. Please be civil in any comments you may make, and don’t call people (especially me) names. Argue your point with logic. Remember, if you disagree, we probably have different basic beliefs. Respect mine, and I’ll try to respect yours.

As the site moderator, I see every comment before it reaches the blog. I’ll trash anything I feel is inappropriate, and you won’t see it on the blog.

I invite your comments and suggestions for improvement.


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