The other undeclared war . . .

We all know we’re fighting an undeclared war against radical Islamists. They have declared Jihad against us. Someone recently remarked that “Jihad works both ways.” There are quite a few Jihadists, such as Osama bin Laden, who could verify that, but many of those are dead. Jihadist hide among the population, emerge to commit acts of terror, then go back to pretend to be ordinary citizens. They are hard to find. It would be inhumane to kill the entire population of a city or country just to get at a very few. Americans won’t do that.

We are in another undeclared war, but most Americans don’t know that. Nor do they know who their enemy is, or what is their objective. This enemy also hides within the population and pretends to be respectable and legitimate. They can usually only be recognized by their actions, since their words are often lies or deceptions. They come from the left side of the political spectrum. They are communists, socialists, progressives, and liberals. They hide within the population of the United States.

Rhetorical question: what do Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Saul Alinsky, and Barack Obama have in common? Answer: communist philosophy, methods, and goals as devised by Karl Marx. At this point, I will assert that maybe Obama belongs in that group, and will present evidence later.

A brief summary of communism follows. For an extensive one, read The Naked Communist, by W. Cleon Skousen. The last edition of this was published in the early 1960’s, but it presents a rather complete history and description of communism. In my opinion, it is a superb book.

Communism, in a nutshell:

[Marx said that the world can be divided into two groups: those who have property, and those who don’t. In his view, property is the root of all evil. Those who don’t have property, he calls “workers” – also the “proletariat.” Property owners he calls “capitalists” or the “bourgeoisie” (a difficult word to spell, and I pronounce it as boor-gwa-zee, with a soft g, which may not be correct). Marx thought that capitalists always exploit the workers, perhaps by their very existence, even though they pay wages for the work performed, thus providing a living.

His goal is to pull down the capitalist system and replace it with a society where property belongs to all. In practice, that means the government owns and controls property. For Marx, violence is the primary means of accomplishing that goal, but anything goes. The end justifies the means, no matter how deceptive, cruel, or violent the means chosen. Shooting people who object is OK. After the revolution, he advocates forming the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat”, in which the party controls everything. In theory, in some remote future the population learns how to live as proper members of society, after which, he asserts, there will be no need for government, and it will fade away to become the communist utopia – every person doing his/her job and taking only what is needed – with no government at all. I know this sounds screwy, but there are still people who believe this today. Needless to say, they are very dangerous.

Marx disdained religion totally, as do communists.

A real problem with Marx’s philosophy is that in order to have his utopia, all of mankind first must be subjugated. That’s why communism is such a threat to the world.]

Anyone who has studied history knows that communism indeed caught on, particularly in Russia, where the first communist dictatorship was formed during World War I. They also know that millions of people died because of the actions of the dictators there. In fact, Stalin starved millions to death in the Ukraine during the 1920’s and 30’s. They know that in general, communism failed, because production of food, goods and services was inadequate. There was no real incentive to work, and central management of production, estimating demand and setting production goals, is essentially unworkable. Despite that, other countries endured revolution and were taken over by communists. The list includes The Peoples Republic of China, Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba. These are countries no one sane person would want to move to. Russia itself has thrown off communism, but hovers on the brink of returning to it as long as Putin remains in power.

While Russia was a communist dictatorship, the philosophy caught on to a lesser extent in nearly every country in the world. Italy, France, Greece, and Spain still have legal communist parties which cause considerable trouble. The United States was not spared, but here they mostly went underground, pretending to be regular citizens but acting as spies and doing other damage. Russia gained the secret of the atomic bomb through the efforts of communist traitors, aided by officials in the State Department. When the Russians exploded their first bomb years earlier than expected, we realized the danger communists pose and began weeding them out. However, this feeling has faded. Today, there are some Americans who will admit to be communists. There are more who are communists but will not admit it.

There is a spectrum of belief in leftist ideas. The most extreme are communists, who advocate abolition of private property by any means including violent revolution; socialists, who advocate the same (for means of production, not necessarily personal items such as houses and cars) but generally favor peaceful means, and “progressives” — center-left Liberals, who would not totally squeeze out private property or take over all means of production but want large government, big social programs, and continued movement in the direction of socialist society. I see the line between socialists and progressives as blurred, and there may be no real difference.

Then, there was Saul Alinsky (1909-1972). He could be called the modern day Karl Marx. While he apparently believed in Marx’s communist goals and philosophy, he differed as the method. He influences most leftists today. His belief was that deception is the main weapon of the left – pretend to be something you aren’t, in order to be accepted. He advocated boring from within – like a termite — working within the system, but with the same goals: undermining it and bringing it down. His book, Revolution for insurrectionists, later renamed Revolution for radicals, is the handbook for the modern progressive. IMHO, he should have been shot at birth. If we ever invent a time machine, someone should go back and do just that, and I’d volunteer. If we can’t do that, someone should dig him up and shoot him. He is that bad. And, many allege that Barack Obama is his disciple.

Alinksky was a community organizer, and indirectly founded the Alinsky Industrial Areas Foundation, which hired Obama as a young man. As Director of the Developing Communities Project, he was an Alinksky trained community organizer, although he never met Alinsky, who had died before Obama came to Chicago. For several years, Obama taught workshops on the Alinsky method. This according to Ryan Lizza and David Horowitz.

If Barack Obama is indeed a disciple of Alinsky, then he wants to bring the capitalist system down, so that “his people” can take over. What this means is unclear, but it wouldn’t be good for American society. His staff and appointments as “Czars” and to the Cabinet, with few exceptions, are like-minded progressives, and he has even hired self-professed communists.

President Obama and his Democrats are waging a bitter war, mostly with three weapons: the “tax the rich” mantra, their “blame the Republicans” stance, and their unwillingness to do anything positive for the economy. The targets of that war are Republicans, the economy, and the future of America. At this point in time, you must believe Obama and his supporters are winning. The economy is weakening and the America’s future looks ever more dismal.

It is a war of words that would do justice to Orwellian slogans, such as “War is Peace”, “Love is Hate”, and other such absurdities. Obama’s talent is slinging words, and asserting the opposite of what is true. “Things would have been much worse had we not acted”, “Republicans need to compromise”, and “Republicans want to protect the rich” are examples of his rhetoric, a mixture of outright lies, omissions, obfuscations, and half-truths. It’s difficult to deny that things are better than they would have been without the stimulus money Obama threw at the jobs situation, even though it’s obvious that the opposite is true. Some believe his arguments. Obama always says Republicans need to compromise, while maintaining an inflexible position himself, and Democrats in the Senate never take up a bill from the House, and never offer solutions themselves. An unbiased observer might conclude that Democrats need to compromise too. Finally, Republicans aren’t trying to protect the rich, they’re protecting what’s left of the economy.

Democrats have all the power. The President and the Senate can and will block any action by Republicans. The network media sees no wrong in their tactics; their major self-interest constituencies (blacks, gay/lesbians, environmentalists, and unions) are staying loyal. It is quite possible that Obama will be reelected.

In judging Obama’s actions (and ignoring his words) as president, I see a consistent pattern of attack against the economy. Either he is deliberately trying to undermine our country using Alinksky principles, or he is incredibly incompetent, or both. Whatever is true, the results are the same.

It is not out of the realm of reason that Obama could be incompetent. His college grades are carefully concealed, but are not known to be good. Few of his school papers survive. He claims to have written two major books: Dreams from My Father, and The Audacity of Hope. Dreams is considered to be of very high quality, and convinced Liberal intellectuals that Obama was a heavyweight, but there is a very strong case that it was actually written by Bill Ayers – a former terrorist and still a radical leftist. Audacity may have actually been written by Obama, but is much less impressive. To explore his authorship, read Deconstructing Obama by Jack Cashill.

In conclusion, our economy, our way of life, are the targets of a vicious and deceptive war. What can you do about it? Be aware, and be very skeptical of words from the Left. There is a website, founded by David Horowitz, that tries to inform people about the organizations, tactics, and prominent people of the Left. It is The David Horowitz Freedom Center.


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